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May 6th, 2014, 3pm

It was 13°C with broken clouds. There was moderate breeze.

In the first day of my new life I left the house despite the bad weather and went out for a walk. A long walk into an unknown part of town. Somehow as if trying to accentuate the change my life is going under. Walking the streets, my feet would turn corners without much of a plan. Now left, now right. Then down and up again. Until I got up this hill, looking into the steep street you see in the photo. Going from light to dark. From the known into the unknown, outside the comfort zone. A perfect analogy for how I was feeling: excited about an uncertain future ahead, but also afraid and hesitant of what I could find down there. Going down the hill, my eyes quickly got used to the darkness, and when taking the corner, I saw there was light again at the end of the tree and asfalt formed tunnel. Kept walking until the beauty of the moment was unbearable. I HAD to draw all this. But I knew walking was part of that beauty… I couldn’t stop, as I knew the magic would go away if I did. There was only one option left: draw while walking. Extremely akward, as everything moves and taking on a line is a big undertaking, I went on and drew the things around me: that leaf on the floor, a street lamp, an air filter, a dog walking by with his master attached to a leash…

This is the first that came out (the colours were added later): The first try

And this is the rest of the afternoon: The second try

I was so happy with the experiment. So much fun to try capture details of the street while walking. Of course everything changes perspective as you walk! It’s impossible to draw normally. You HAVE to capture the objects quickly and in their entirety. It’s not a flat representation but more a cubist one. I need to keep practising though. These here are just the first tries. I am excited for this inspiring future opening up in front of me.

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Luis Mendo

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