Faces coming out of the paper .ii

September 13th, 2013, 11pm

It was 13.3°C with broken clouds. The wind was calm.

Hundreds - sweating in motion - cycle on and off the slatted dance floor… bare feet pounding a heart-beat-drum to new-age/glitch DJs.

Broad Waltz strokes turning to heated Blues intimacy, then back.

Friends play a game of tricking themselves into dancing with “him” or “her”

When I’m tired, I crash on the huge pillows that fill the stand surrounding the Floor. Art pad out, I pull random tools from my pencil sleeve. At first I try to depict Sadie sitting next to me, but it ends up looking malformed and clownish. Suddenly shy, I pretend I don’t want to dance for a bit. “…shitty song, kinda tired…”

I flip through to a clean page and scratch angry dashes here and there, mapping an anonymous face into the ruddy cream. Nothing is direct. I stab the paper, forcing whatever might appear to be unintentional. I decide not to care, bobbing to the music, surreptitiously keeping an eye on the “her” I can’t quite get myself to dance with.

Paul, Cassie and David Wade said thanks.

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Jo Chapman

Illustration ~ Writing ~ Multi-Medium Storytelling (http://www.lastwebsite.io/)

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