The 1920s equivalent of the TED talk.

September 21st, 2013, 1pm

It was 23°C with scattered clouds. There was moderate breeze.

My mother’s physiology & hematology mentor died about 20 years ago but last year his widow gave my mother some boxes of books from his library.

In February I helped her sort through these treasures and she gave me a pile of them to add to my collection of old scientific books.

I’m slowly reading my way through this pile of dusty bound pages and about to start in on the above essay. The title intrigues me, and the table of contents intrigues me even more with chapter headings like: “The questioning voice, ‘What doest thou here?’” and “The irrelevancy of ‘natural law’ to some aspects of mind and consciousness.”

Poetry and performance fodder to add to my shelves.

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Lia Pas

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