Great weather for bike ride; and the roses are blooming!

July 19th, 2014, 12pm

It was 24°C with broken clouds. There was moderate breeze.

We north-country folk have finally untangled ourselves from winter.

I bicycle by a couple outdoor weddings every weekend now. Sweltering visitors from the big cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul come up north hoping for the sun of home but the gentle off Lake breezes of Duluth. Winter stored lot of air conditioning in the waters of the big Lake - enough to beat back temperatures of 80 and 90 to 70 or 65 for many days.

However, outdoor brides and tourists with money don’t say summer to me like blossoms in the Rose Garden. This patch of ground perched over an Interstate highway next to Lake Superior experiences many, many subzero days and a few nights of temperatures near -30° F. in winter!

The masterful gardeners in our town use the “Minnesota Tip” to keep the tender hybrid tea roses healthy.

  1. In the Fall each plant is cut back to 18 - 24 inches.
  2. Each bush is tied with poly twine to firm a tight bundle.
  3. The roots are loosened and the roses are gently tipped into a trench dug to the side of each rose.
  4. The roses are covered with at least 3 inches of soil.
  5. Bags of leaves supplied by the public are placed on each bed.

In mid April, the leaves are removed and the roses are raised again.

We note the change of season here when the call goes out for volunteers to help “tip the roses”.

Sanna, David Wade, Christine and Shu said thanks.

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Ken Jackson

An avid outdoors man. Retired and retiring, living on the shore of Lake Superior

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