Reviewing the process of moving energy through the mind, the subtle body (emotions) and the gross body (the physical).

April 26th, 2014, 9am

I was introduced to this model in a recent retreat with a group I’ve been practicing with for over a year. It looks like this:

—> Homeostais —> Impulse —> Charge —> Discharge | Expression —> Integration —> Relaxation —> Homeostais —>

The question embedded within this model (well, one of the questions, anyway), is where do we get stuck? Where do we keep ourselves from moving forward? In other words, do we follow an impulse into charge, but then cycle there, charging ourselves up, amping up to a place where our energy has no where to go, but to come out sideways, leading to behaviors and moods that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone? Or are we able to process the energy in a way that allows the cycle to complete itself.

I’m thinking a lot about this in the context of my mind and some of my thought patterns. So much to consider. So much to practice.

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Gregory Flynn

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