I can remember when we were there

March 31st, 2015, 8pm

It was 19°C with clouds and visibility OK. There was moderate breeze.

Doesn’t matter how many time we had to wait for going there. We enjoyed our day, it was funny, full of jokes, people talking about the concert, everything was amazing! Nobody said anything about your outfit, nobody said anything about you! We were all in one ‘cause The Beatles joined us, we were there for them, because there were many bands making something fo them. I can remember how much fun we had ‘cause we were singing, dancing, screaming, we were happy. I don’t know why people dislike going to places like that, maybe it depends of who is next to you, I had my friends, they were with me, my Homo Sapiens. Luisa’s father forgot to carry us back home and Lucy had to go back and take us home, she came from San Miguel Petapa!! It’s not close enough to go back to the place where we were. We fell in love with “jeans” our tomboy ‘cause we didn’t recognize if was boy or girl.

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Lorena Rivas

Archaeologist. Science makes you fly to the moon. Stellar tidal disruption.

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