Further to the lighthouse debate...

October 2nd, 2014, 2pm

Earlier in the month, I ventured over to the Toronto Islands to find the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. I had been meaning to for a while, and not just because there’s a Toronto Dreams Project postcard to be had about the lighthouse keeper’s daughter. Having recently seen David Wade Chambers’ moment All lighthouses have red caps, don’t they?, which was a response to Adrian Tribe’s moment A proper lighthouse, the subject of lighthouse caps in general was on my mind.

The light was terrible, and this photo was taken with my cell phone because the battery in my Nikon had just died as I arrived at the lighthouse. And I went portrait instead of landscape to try to capture the entire edifice. Hopefully, if you view the full image, you can still see that the top is indeed red, though duller than it was in 1808 when construction was finished.

As for the postcard hunt, no luck there. Maybe next year, for Doors Open Toronto

Adrian, Christine, David Wade and Shu said thanks.

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