Let us now praise winter

December 16th, 2013, 11am

Most Canadians have had enough at this point. Of winter, that is. With a challenging season that is only half through with us, and all of the biting cold and snow, wrapped in high wind chills (breathlessly and endlessly reported by t.v. weather people) it’s easy to understand why. But still, I enjoy it.

When I am out on the trails of the Rouge with the kids in my program, and they would rather be out here, because of the snow, than anywhere else, their joy is more than enough to make the case for winter. If you have ever been out in the woods after a fresh snowfall, you will need no convincing of this season’s merits. You will know the beauty to be found. How profound the silence is when you stop and listen for a moment, feet planted firmly in countless white flakes that seem to absorb all other sounds, but your breath. And how just one of those little snow crystals, resting in the mittened palm of a curious child, will fascinate endlessly.

Spring will be here soon enough. For now, winter is my friend.

Adrian, David Wade and Cassie said thanks.

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Mark Yearwood

Can a man remake his life? In the woods, no less? I am trying. www.kidsinthewoodsinitiative.org

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