We adopted a cat

January 18th, 2014, 4pm

We adopted a cat

I have always felt that I would not be a pet owner. So once The Butterfly was old enough to start asking for things, her and The Pixie were double teaming me on the pet request front.

As we come out of the tunnel of winter and with all of the things that we have gone through recently (maybe a post for another day) I could not put up a fight anymore.

One evening, I go home from work and The Butterfly was waiting for me. “Can I have a pet, Daddy please?” Just a warning, I do not think that I will be able to say no to her in the future, I am wrapped around her finger, as they say. But another warning for all of the little boys out there, I also have a baseball bat in the front closet waiting for the first gentleman caller. You have been warned.

The newest and furriest member of our family is named Magnolia, she came with the name and it seems to fit. I have tried to shorten it to Mags but so far have not received any support for this measure.

I am still not sure what I think of having a pet but I think I like our new cat and I think she likes it here, with us.

David Wade said thanks.

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