January 20th, 2014, 9am

My friend and I walked round this lake twice on Saturday morning, hardly noticing the beauty as we talked and talked. We were caught up in our conversation and the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, something that has not been possible in a meaningful sense for the past 18 months. But then we stopped to let some people pass by on the narrow path and had a moment to enjoy the view.

Ironically, since the release it’s been harder to talk and spend time with my friend than when I used to visit the prison. Now there’s a life to rebuild, which is no small task when so much damage has been done. But God is good and has answered many prayers, and the first steps back to work, and an income, are planned for the coming weeks.

And despite the potential for huge anxiety and stress in a situation like this, I believe we both knew a God-given peace within about the coming days that matched the tranquility that lay before our eyes.

Vivien, David Wade, Cassie and Mark said thanks.

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Adrian Tribe

A follower of Jesus Christ, a husband and father, a Kentish Man (not a Man of Kent), a commuter to London

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