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May 11th, 2014, 2pm

It was 25.6°C. There was moderate breeze.

It was a perfect day in Boston. A little too warm for what I was wearing (the weather said thunderstorms! I looked like a silly person in a sweater and boots in the 26°C sun.)

The itinerary was simple: breakfast at a local diner near the HBS dorms, walk walk walk, find lobster rolls for dinner. (Because… Boston.)

I shouldn’t have been traveling. My past self — oh, Christine! — had waaaay too much faith in present Christine to have booked a trip to Boston a weekend before finals week (see previous moment full of anxiety attack-y dreams here). It was hard to concentrate on all the pretty with looming deadlines and logo sketches at the back of my mind.

But: hard to say no when you finally get a chance to see a place you’ve been wanting to see, with one of your best friends free to take you around. So: awesome weekend #2 with Migi and Luis (weekend #1 was just the weekend before, but in SF!)

We had to take the T (metro) down to Park Street and I stumbled upon this guy playing the guitar. Such. lovely. music. I almost expected there to be some kind of folk dancing and clapping, and was surprised to find a single guy on a guitar.

Like the Universe was telling me to chill. Enjoy the moment. Live in the now, and think about books and finals and logo sketches later.

The rest of the day was amazing. We walked by North End (just like we did along Fisherman’s Wharf the week before), got our hair all messed up by the warm breeze, laughed way too hard, had our amazing lobster rolls.

Maybe my past self was right to have faith in me! (I did end up finishing my book for finals, cramped in Luis’s dorm room1 while the two watched TV shows. Maybe there is something in the air inside the Harvard dorms…)

  1. I like to joke that we did a desk swap: just the week before, he was in SF using my desk to take his finals online. (Seriously, that guy — who decides to travel and take a frickin’ Harvard final online?! Darned overachiever!) I did laugh at him though, because his finals were online from 8am - 1pm… Eastern. ;) The three of us then proceeded to go for bottomless mimosas and got waaaay too wasted at 3 in the afternoon. 

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