Back again, this time for the music.

October 18th, 2013, 1pm

After visiting this interesting place yesterday - The Dairy Art Centre - I was pleased to discover that they had another recital scheduled for today, so I went back.

This young lady is Kristiina Rokashevich, and she played some Scarlatti, Beethoven, Sumera and Tüür. No, I’ve never heard of the last two either. It turns out they’re Estonian, like the Pianist herself. The latter was described in the little leaflet we were given as “probably the most influential Estonian composer after Arvo Pärt.” Er, right. You’ve guessed it - I haven’t heard of him either. Clearly I have much to learn.

The venue is not the first place you would think of for a piano recital. The low concrete ceiling, cement floor and plaster walls gave a sharpness to the sound that purists would no doubt sneer at. But it made the loud bits REALLY loud, which helped to keep the small audience awake :-)

I left thinking that this is definitely a better way of spending my lunch break than staying at my desk and continuing to work. Even if I’ve now discovered that I don’t care too much for Estonian composers.

Cassie, Stine and David Wade said thanks.

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