Yesterday evening I was looking over my pictures from those few days we spent in Amsterdam, when I suddenly realised. Did you know that the corners of your mouth are upturned on every picture, Lena? Whether in rest or, as portrayed in the drawing above (it doesn’t really do you justice since you seem to be frowning on it), suffering from a hangover and bad ideas in Amsterdam. It’s as if you’re perpetually smiling at life. As if that’s your standard setting. And knowing you, it’s true. Not to say that you haven’t ever had it tough, or that you haven’t been down in the dumps because I know you have, but there’s an optimistic outlook that you have on life and a happy go lucky attitude that’s so intrinsically you, and it all seems so effortless, somehow. So natural. It’s something I admire and envy slightly, as I’m more prone to self-criticism and melancholia.

Really, what an annoying woman you are. You still manage to look good somehow, despite being so hungover. There you sit with your ratty old sweater and your dirty hair and just overflow with that innocent self-confidence. Your hazel eyes are smiling, and there’s a sheen of sweat on your skin, because you’re still drunk and you, no, to be honest, we’re all smelling like alcohol. Today is our last day here, but I don’t think we’re in for any more adventure this time around. Let’s do something funny and only slightly stupid next year as well, hey, Lena?

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