How I drink my coffee is not important. It's where.

March 30th, 2014, 9am

I don’t even drink that much coffee. I don’t need it in the morning to wake up, I don’t order coffee to go. But I love the smell of coffee. The way the cup heats up your hands. And I enjoy going to coffee shops. Ordering my perfectly layered Latte Macchiato, my sickly sweet Caramel Mocha or my almost too bitter Americano. Finding a spot and get comfortable. Surrounded by people chattering and cups clattering. Start writing. Or sitting there with someone, talking for hours, until the coffee is either empty or cold. And even longer. I like those coffeeshop-conversations. When you can just sit down and let the outside world disappear for a while. When you just relax and have a good talk along with a good coffee and you don’t feel the need to rush to the next appointment. And even if it’s just for the time you need to finish your cup.

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Johanna Maria

Just another random human being. Maybe adventerous or brave. Maybe just naive.

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