A poem that explains it all

September 9th, 2015, 7pm

Travel,Travel,Travel It’s all I want to do but how can I start my journey without you

You make it light when it’s not bright My dream job involves travel but will you be there when I hit the gravel My life is a map will you be there to guide the way every single day

I live off of unexpected plans,fulfilling the day with adventure I want to help others have a better life will you let me strive Our life is like a book, you don’t know what’s on the next page

I’m tired of saying unexpected goodbyes,don’t be another that I will despise Don’t have me cry while waving good bye It’s not the day to give up and leave me gray

I want to live my life with you But do you want the same or is this all just a game I thought you were different but that’s just a shame

You hurt me,when you said you never would but I guess I was just dirt I was just like glass easy to break It was all fake, to you it was a piece of cake

I don’t need your lies this whole thing will make me wise I have plans where I will meet all my fans You are in my past,wow that went by fast

Months have gone and I am a better me Looking at trees in Italy Forgetting all about you and me


Can some of you give me tips on how to make this better and your opinions on this poem?

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Amanda Barba

The unexplainable

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