In Beijing, a new coffee place is almost always all about the fit out - then the coffee. Occasionally they get both right.

April 4th, 2014, 9am

I have been living in the People’s Republic for a while now and when I want to sit down and write, I have two options. Train to my rented co-work space as the only foreigner and make do with slow internet and comfy chairs. Or I pick one of the ‘almost hipster’ cafes in Beijing’s Sanlitun area and start walking. For so long I have been seat warming at Wagas because the coffee was good enough and the breakfast better than average. This week, after prompting from certain Swedes, I found the Moka Brothers just across the street with better coffee, an almost flawless fit out, fantastic food and decent enough wifi. Why does decor matter? It feels a little closer to home. Fresh roasted coffee helps too but the real bonus over going into ‘the office’? Eavesdropping.

Andi, David Wade, Karl and Christine said thanks.

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John Buck

Publisher, dad, husband, editor and sometime photographer.

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