Good God!

July 12th, 2014, 3pm

I rode bicycle for my exercise today. The 18 mile ride, 9 out and back, follows the shore of Lake Superior for much of its length. I love this delightful ride.

I passed many people on the trail. Some parents pushed baby strollers as big as a small sports car. Grey haired couples walked hand-in-hand. A group of young adults skated by on roller blades. The boys wore tee shirts with the blue silhouette of a bird and long pants - no shorts. All the women wore ankle-length gingham dresses which made me wonder if some Mennonites, who often visit in the summer, came from communities that permit roller blading. Each was a very proficient skater. I passed lots off buff men and lissome women jogging. I slowed up for many small dogs who had their masters trailing behind on long leashes.

As I neared the turn around at Lester River, I stopped at a Deli to buy so food I could eat picnic lunch on a bench next to the Lake. I wiggled about a lot while sitting on the bench.

I rode in a 70° temperature although a bit humid. I couldn’t ask for more comfortable weather.

However, during the ride I was uncomfortable. I stopped to examine if the seat on my bike was crooked. I checked to assure the straps on my waist-pack were not twisted. I wasn’t swarmed by no-see-ums, midges, who were biting below the belt. My riding shorts came out of the laundry just yesterday so they were clean. Yes, I double checked to see I had indeed put on the good shorts which wicked away sweat.

I rode on.

I arrived back home after a couple hours of fidgeting and tugging at myself. Good God! I discovered I had my underwear on backwards!!

Sanna, Adrian, Shu and Christine said thanks.

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Ken Jackson

An avid outdoors man. Retired and retiring, living on the shore of Lake Superior

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