It's been a long time since I've been here.

November 14th, 2014, 10pm

It was -13°C with overcast. The breeze was gentle.

I haven’t written anything on Hi in quite a while. I’ve been busy, I suppose, and that feels good. I like busy. I’m looking back over the last months. I’ve done a lot, written a lot, been through a lot. I feel different. Good different, too. This summer took me and shook me up completely, and I came out of it a different person. Nothing bad happened, other than my car exploding on my way to a wedding - that was a fun day, I just changed. I spent the entire month of June sleeping all day and staying up all night, seriously. I watched endless videos on YouTube about science and social injustices and learned so much. I also moved, and maybe that was a bad idea. I had to in order to pay rent, my last place was just too expensive, but now I have roommates and that comes with a whole new set of problems. Problems I’ve had before, just not quite like this. I’ve been very active, or at least very vocal about social justice lately. I think that’s good, although it may have cost me some friendships. I guess that’s what happens. I’m feeling very whimsical and yet somber. Like Manhattan in rain. That nostalgia, that feeling of familiar strangeness. Comforting in its loneliness. A good sad song on the radio that comes on at just the right time. A lowly singer, a polaroid camera, steam from coffee and smoke from a cigarette, mixed with the sounds of the city. I miss it. I miss feeling this way. I’m coming back now. I’ll be here more often, lost and happy for it. There’s just something so romantic about it.

Anyways, metaphors. It’s good to be back. Hello, it’s me.

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Samuel Rafuse

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