I've been visiting the iconic Eames House (Case Study #8) in the Pacific Palisades for years. Today I was lucky enough to share the experience with old high school friends. With the Foundation's permission, we picnicked in the meadow and then toured the interior of the home and office. We did unusual things including opening drawers from the old Eames Office and peeping artifacts, looking at Charles' old photography equipment, listening to a gravity-powered xylophone, gawking at a Polaroid documentary, inspecting handwriting, and so much more.No matter how many times I've visited the grounds, I am always inspired by the creativity that exists in such a space. You can feel it running around the meadow, stumbling upon the rusted toys facing the ocean, tip-toeing through the house, and inspecting objects not seen in decades.What a magical moment in time. We are the lucky ones.

July 20th, 2013, 9pm

It was 19°C with overcast. The wind was light.

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Souris Hong-Porretta

about .25% of the people i know call me by my first name, lanha. i hustle culture. i like to jump for joy. i am a saigon soldier. stop pretending and have fun. http://about.me/souris

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