Maggie and her GoPro: Canine Cinematographer

January 3rd, 2014, 4pm

It was -8.3°C. There was moderate breeze.

With roughly 9-inches of snow on the ground, Maggie and I kept our exploration closer to home. Today I let her choose her path and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy romping through the snow. Ultimately, it was an area of marshland that drew her attention and was seemingly full of all sorts of new scents. Her nose would disappear into a drift and come up snow-covered- with a quick shake she’d be snow-free once again.

Maggie is a rescue dog and I’ve been so lucky to know her for 3 years. I -think- she was a hunting dog before being put up for rescue as she loves being outdoors. And she’s got a schnoz on her that can smell anything far away- she’s the the only dog I’ve known that drags me half-way across a field to find a turtle (which I never considered as having a smell).

Today I put the GoPro on her so I could get ‘dog-o-vision’, hi-def video from her point of view. I fabricated the mount from a harness which took a while as it was paramount that she feel absolutely comfortable wearing it, not too tight or restricting. Usually I can monitor the video by live-streaming on my iPhone through the GoPro’s remote/WiFi but it was too cold (the iPhone shut down). Later tonight I’ll download the files to the computer and see what Maggie filmed- it always makes my day to see the world from my favorite canine’s point of view.

Updated: You can see her movie (short, iMovie trailer) here:

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