Unplug. Explore. Get lost.The wilderness calls.The connected digital world has become too much. How many Friends do you have? How many followers? How many photos are in your Instagram feed? Social media has become not so social. People have forgotten what true connections are, what they can be. John Muir once said, "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness."For me, no truer words have been spoken. I find that path in small bits and pieces on my regular mountain bike rides in and around Denver's Front Range. Flashes of clarity that let me forget hours of conference calls, WebEx and TSA agents. On several occasions this summer, I had entire days of that clarity. Days that are seared into my memory forever.It is like a drug. I am yearning for more connection with the earth and the mountains. That moment of being alive, truly alive, at your physical and mental limitations. The little bits get me through the week. The longer bits get me to the next adventure. The next adventure always leads to another. Finding them takes time and that's okay. The mountains are not going anywhere.

August 31st, 2014, 8pm

Chris and Christine want to know more.

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Sean Slavin

Skier, cyclist, photographer and a father of three amazing daughters.

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