Amsterdam, travel and growing up

September 17th, 2015, 7pm

This picture is a couple weeks old but it’s the best reflection of an awesome experience.

In early September I found out that they had released additional tickets for an event in Amsterdam… I was already thinking about taking the week of my birthday off to disappear somewhere out of California so why not?

This was a first in many different ways: it was the first time I traveled in a spur of the moment decision; It was the first time in Europe as an adult; It was the first time I traveled to Europe outside of school; It was the first time I’ve been to Europe in 15+ years; It’s the first trip I can self fund without doubt and without fear.

I flew and enjoyed a full week of freedom, learning about myself and learning about growing up.

The big question is why not?

Why not live your life on your terms?

Why not go out and explore both the near and far?

Why not enjoy yourself in the process?

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Carlos Araya

40-something Chilean transplant to the US for now over 20 years (can't believe it's been that long...) Ebook designer Instructional designer and trainer Triathlete in progress Sushi lover Beer snob

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