The Playtime Mongolian Live Music Festival 2013. Russian band STORM playing to a happily headbanging crowd.

July 27th, 2013, 7am

Wrote quite a bit about the festival in the link above, but if I had to say more, I’d talk about how exciting it’s going to be to see where Mongolian bands go in the future. All these outside influences are growing, and there are some distinct genres that bands are fond of. I love the sound of Mongolian lyrics. The guttural aspects work amazingly well for metal and rap. The breathy, windy sound you also hear in spoken Mongolian makes me swoon when it’s sung like it is by The Lemons, or even the pop girl group, Kiwi. There’s lots to love about Mongolian music.

Akira said thanks.

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Michelle Borok

I live in Mongolia, write, raise a kid, try to do the right thing, and avoid eating horse meat.

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