This afternoon, I checked my backups and ended up sad.

November 22nd, 2011, 8am

My combined personal and business digital archive isn’t necessarily an exercise in ‘big data’ or anything, but I have a couple of terabytes to deal with.

So, I have a tiered labyrinth of repository snapshots, time machines, mirrors, vaults and syncs on many virtual and physical drives. It starts with my live Linux servers and drifts across network clouds and into the office and lab computers, including the mobile stuff, then ends up with a stack of storage media in a fireproof safe. The stuff in the safe mirrors all the other stuff, including the stuff on the outside that is itself a mirror of something else, and gets re-mirrored monthly.

While doing what I do to find peace of mind regarding the integrity of my backups, I ran across this photo. Astro was amazing and taught me all kinds of important life lessons, including some things about osteosarcoma.

Ryan, Jess and Paul said thanks.

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