Bloor West between Spadina and Bathurst is eclectic chaotic and relaxed.

July 26th, 2013, 10pm

Elusive feel. Characters. Diverse. Hard done by. Shopping carts and electric wheel chairs. The great Book City yields poetry and Mary Pratt and even remaindered William Gibson for $6.10. Beer and cabbage roles at Future Bistro.

How to make choices amidst the abundance? Is another book or poem or photo or fragment even necessary?

I didn’t know poetry journals were so cheap. $6 or $10 a throw. Even if only a few from each seize the mind …

Groups, sprawled at tables are drinking draft; couples split dessert.

Cassie, Chris, Vivien, David Wade and 2 others said thanks.

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Peter Morgan

Lots of travel, still trying to capture the moments with photos, every so often inspired to take the roughly written notes and put them on air.

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