It's not the drink, it's the way you drink it.

August 7th, 2015, 5pm

It was 25°C with scattered clouds. There was moderate breeze.

When you stop drinking beer or “sake” as he says, you feel upset, lazy and all those adjectives that cannot be written because they’re well shown when you look at him. His face changes completely, his smile is not good as always, but… he still being the same person even thou he says it’s not true. It’s not the drink that makes a person feel in that way, it’s how they drink it, who are with them at the moment he’s drinking it. I’ve not been next to him when he takes a shot of sake or a can of beer yet, the best beer for him will always be heineken He wasn’t sure when I asked about the best beer for him, but I don’t care, I haven’t drunk any beer… oh well! I already did it… but it’s much better to forget all those wonderful days. I’d changed my mind, it’s not about “him” it’s about the new him, but it’s nothing related to me… I mean, he’s a friend, but he doesn’t mean anything else than a friend. I decided to write about his way of drinking because both were bored at university and nobody wanted to do anything else than writing funny thing and let people know that we think… well, the most of the sketch was written by me, but here are some of his ideas… so it counts as if he’d helped.

Craig said thanks.

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Lorena Rivas

Archaeologist. Science makes you fly to the moon. Stellar tidal disruption.

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