A remarkable journey to the land of castles and mountains, literally HEAVEN ON EARTH

May 23rd, 2016, 1pm

We reached Aberdeen by around seven o’clock in the evening and it was surprising to see that the sun still shimmered through the clouds whereas in my city it gets dark by this time. The climate was just marvelous, I could feel the cold wind against my face. The beach that we had gone was beautiful , the blue sea reflecting across the bright blue sky ,seagulls flying over and adorable little rabbits popping out of their burrows. Later after a while we walked through the streets enjoying the weather and the life in Scotland. We walked past the provoking street shops and busy roads with a lot of tourists and inhabitants, reached back at the hotel and I was sleepless almost the whole night watching the beautiful night sky. The next morning we planned on a one day tour visiting castle Fraser and Crathes, the flower garden filled with ravishingly beautiful flowers and plants. The castle tour was very much informative and fun. Later that day we planned to visit the whiskey distillery and that was best part, we went around and saw all the processes , got to know the amazing history and why the Scots needed whiskey, we even got samples to try and chocolates made out whiskey. The climate was changing , dark clouds filled up the sky and the rain was pouring out all over the fields, that vista was exciting. Following we went to nearest Scottish restaurant and had some exquisite food (mashed potato with prawns and sauce). We had a little chat with our tour guide and to be honest Scottish people are very friendly. The next day morning we took a flight to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, to begin with we went for a walk around the streets,passed through college students on study tours, for lunch we rambled into an Indian restaurant ( it was delicious!) and got to know more about the chef and his family … they were Indians by the way. We were on search for a place to stay , unfortunately every hotel was loaded with tourists. On the way exploring this magnificent land of sea and mountains we got lost and that’s when we reached this amazing farmland , all that i could were green patches and rich houses , luxurious cars and ravishing gardens. it was a real beautiful experience. [ The above image was taken when we got lost]

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