The old Blues

August 17th, 2014, 4pm

It was 16°C with scattered clouds. The breeze was brisk.

A 25 mph gale off Lake Superior has driven the temperature to the very low 60’s, even the high 50’s. Winter haunts us. I plan to attend an evening gathering at a house which has a wonderful outside deck with a stupendous view of the city and Lake. I want to sit outside but I want to feel warm. So I rummaged about and found a light pair of long underwear. I’m wearing them now on my balcony as I write - nice! Fortunately I washed them in the spring before putting them in storage. If it doesn’t begin to rain, I’ll wear them under my jeans to the party. Wearing long underwear is stealthy - who is going to know and judge me a whimp? I’ll sit out on my host’s deck chair smugly warm.

David Wade and Shu said thanks.

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Ken Jackson

An avid outdoors man. Retired and retiring, living on the shore of Lake Superior

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