Daybreak over the not-so-sleepy city.

September 28th, 2014, 7am

Seven AM on a Sunday felt much earlier than it actually was.

I’d been up, by necessity rather than choice, for at least an hour by that point. Post-sleep test, I felt more alert than I had any right to be. (More alert than I actually was, in reality.) Strange how disrupted sleep and off-schedule awakenings distort perception.

It was a fifteen minute wait for a streetcar, so I started walking East. Approaching Yonge and Dundas, I happened to look up in time to catch this reflection of sunrise clouds in the buildings. Prettier than the billboards that never sleep.

By the time I walked another block, the moment was gone. The light was different; the city was shrugging on its harsher day tones.

The streetcar caught up to me as I stalled at the intersection. In the background, the periodic voice of the scramble announced walk like a dog for all crossings.

David Wade said thanks.

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Shay Darrach

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