Day 1 #100HappyDays: Planting bulbs

March 12th, 2014, 12pm

It was 13°C with nil significant cloud. The breeze was light.

A fellow photo-taker and gardener (@mafl365photos) tweeted about this project which inspired me to join in. It’s a celebration of happy moments in your life. I thought it was the perfect thing I needed to kick start my photoblogging again and to be mindful of the happy moments that happen to me. Take a look:

Day 1 #100HappyDays: Planting bulbs

Beautiful sunny day and as I was working at home, I took advantage of making the most of my lunch hour with pottering around my balcony. I’ve planted out the rest of the bulbs I bought recently: ranunculus, freesias and Chinese lanterns.

Freesias are special for me. They always remind me of the birth of my baby brother (not so little anymore, but he will always be my little bro!) Our next door neighbours (we called them Nanny and Grandad - lovely people; I miss them) visited my mum at the hospital, in the days when you stayed in hospital for a week after giving birth, and bought my mum a bunch of beautifully scented freesias. It was the first time we had ever come across them, and the smell always takes me back to the hospital ward and meeting my lovely little brother for the first time.

And if you’re interested in gardening and finding out how my bulbs are doing, I’ve started a gardening blog. Do take a look:

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