Gone but not forgotten...

March 19th, 2014, 1pm

I walked past this blue plaque today on my way to a lunchtime meeting (as I do every Wednesday) and finally got round to taking a photo. It seems to me that this is a reminder not just of a great writer who is no longer with, but of an old house that has also disappeared. So it’s a two-in-one memorial.

Apparently Dickens wrote Bleak House, Hard Times and Little Dorrit while living here.

Is it a terrible thing to admit to only ever having read one work by Dickens? I’m afraid it’s true. Which one, you might ask? It was A Christmas Carol, and that was a long time ago.

Here’s a 19th century map showing where Tavistock House used to be. The blue plaque is attached to the British Medical Association building that now occupies the site, which was built in 1911.


David Wade, Christine and Eduardo said thanks.

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