Friendships Be Like.

September 26th, 2015, 11am

It was 32°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

So, I moved to Hong Kong six months back from Bangalore, India. This was such a huge change for me. I don’t really remember everything that happened at the time: it just happened too fast.

But, it is more than impossible to ever forget my friends there. Of course not. Forgetting them is out of the question. Even though I am in a new place, making new friends, living life in a new city, what really matters to me most is that my friends don’t slip away from my hands like every other time I have moved cities. Thank God for social media. But, the amount I miss them just kills me sometime. Replacing them is not quite possible. I am in this school for the last two years of my schooling, my last stint at protective and easy life, before I am pushed into the world and university life, which I’ve heard is not at all easy. My point is, its not really possible to make life-long friends in these last two years.

Skyping them is the way I live with them again and again. Sometimes, I feel helpless being so far away and looking at them do all the things we used to do together. I can’t be myself just yet here. I miss being myself; my fun, crazy, weird self. And, I know, those people won’t say a thing if I am that way. They never have. The fact that my life and their life is not going to touch again kills me. Because, not everyone aspires to go to the US.

We have a subject called Theory of Knowledge in school (IB students would recognize it). It teaches us “how do we know what we know?” We learnt something called personal knowledge in this subject. Personal knowledge is knowledge only one person knows about. And, its difficult to share. This feeling is most definitely personal knowledge. I am unable to express it completely!

The fact remains, some friends are inseparable. Through distance and time, we are just meant to be together forever. And, I love these friends of mine to bits.

Arushi, Samuel and Pushkar said thanks.

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Ridhee Gupta

Teenager, love life, astronomy freak, passionate about theatre, love writing about everything, unconventional.

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