Deeper and deeper I walked, transfixed by the glowing light ahead. It was stupid of me, walking toward the great unknown, but my curiosity took over and I broke into a run... I had one goal and one goal only at this moment: Get to the light no matter what. I felt someone’s arm on my shoulder, pulling me back, restraining me. I ignored the hand, forcing it off. But just before I left the mouth of the cave, into a small depression in the mountain, with a giant ancient runescape in it, I slipped over a puddle of water, flipping around and landing straight on my back. The smooth ground, wet and mossy under my shirt, sent me towards my “goal.” Skidding towards the gamma-ray light, I faced the end of my life. The ray of life and death itself will consume me. What a noble death, I thought…

March 12th, 2015, 10am

Paul, Aparna and Tienne want to know more.

Paul and Tienne said thanks.

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Pilm Qazya

Young, full off flaws that are yet to blossom in time to greatness.

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