When In Thailand: How Many Types of Thai Noodles are There? Pt 2: Medium

June 9th, 2012, 12pm

Thailand has a wealth of noodle options. Some originated in Thailand, but a bunch came from up north in China. Most people have a favorite that they always order. Mine is the medium rice noodles – even before I could remember anything, I knew the medium white was my noodles. My mom loves her wide rice noodles. My dad is partial towards wavy egg noodles, and my sister fluctuates between the round and the rolled rice noodles. What are these noodles I’m talking about, you ask? Read on.

Part 2: Medium

The medium size rice noodles is called “Sen Lek” which translates to small (lek) noodles (sen). Confusing, I know, but the names are all relative. Although its size is really medium, it’s smaller than the wide rice noodles, by a factor of 5 to 7. It is easy to maneuver, holds up broth well, and is not to be confused with pad thai noodles, which is a bit wider and less fragrant.

sen lekSen Lek, the small noodles that are really medium

Another mid-size noodles is the wavy egg noodles, or “Ba Mee.” It came from China, and you can find similar egg noodles in many other parts of Asia. It holds its shape well - does not swell up easily, does not stick together after cooking if oiled well, does not get mushy even after long sits in broth. It is everywhere – in noodle soup, in dry noodle bowls, in ramen packages, stir-fried with eggs, or deep fried in curry.

Ba meeBa Mee, the stuff ramen is made out of

When In Thailand shares things I have picked up along the way, growing up in Bangkok, Thailand.

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