If the devil comes to take me, tell him I am drawing strangers on the Hibiya line.

February 7th, 2014, 3pm

I was on my way to run some errands in Ginza but it was far too cold to go by bike, so I ventured down into the tube (something I rarely do). I settled into my favorite seat (at the end of the carriage, left arm over the window, right arm free to draw). I took out this little paper sample “book” (a fan of paper samples, really) someone gave me for free and has become one of my favorite sketchbooks; it’s small and practical for drawing in small spaces (and even while standing).

I started drawing in Roppongi, and two stations later just couldn’t stop. All these people came to sit in front of me. Like cheap (also free) models they would stay for a while, hardly moved, and then left as soon as I was done with their portraits — or when their station was reached.

Believe me, I could have sat there forever.

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Luis Mendo

Drawing myself away in Tokyo. 面倒くさい。 www.luismendo.com

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