Day 87 #100HappyDays: Angel moon

June 6th, 2014, 10pm

My happy moments today: catching a few moments of rays in the park at lunchtime; my project got approved at work (yay!); I took control and steered the work meeting (I’m getting better at showing passion for my projects (I was always good at this) backed up with financial nous - not so good at this!); practically walking to Angel from work (it was too hot to get the tube and the traffic was really slow); playing with my friend’s two boys before bedtime; catching up with her over a bowl of yummy tempura udon (the last time we sat together was four and a half months’ ago before the second baby arrived - I’ve missed her); seeing a beautiful moon over Angel; and bumping into my brother and his girlfriend on my journey home by getting on the same train carriage (nice to catch up with them and the perfect end to a nice day!)

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So-Shan Au

Londoner, bit of writing, takes photos, book geek, works in publishing, loves maps, typography, papercuts, architecture, trees, art, design, photography, gardening... @soshanau

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