Mongolian food truck. It feeds mourners during the course of a funeral and the rituals surrounding loss.

December 18th, 2013, 7pm

When someone passes, it’s tradition to hold a funeral right away. Mourners convene at the home of the deceased’s family and offer support, and eat after the burial. It’s several days of family coming together, as people trickle in from the countryside. Word spreads quickly though when someone passes away, and people come together quickly to pay respects. In the city, there’s not much room in the kitchen to prepare and serve the amount of food required for several days of mourning, so these kitchens-on-wheels come around and park outside. Someone is there all morning, afternoon and night to feed the family and friends who come to mourn. In the countryside another ger would go up to serve the same purpose, but this is the urban version.

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Michelle Borok

I live in Mongolia, write, raise a kid, try to do the right thing, and avoid eating horse meat.

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