A Long Walk

August 31st, 2012, 7am

Its been tough today. There were more open areas without the protection of trees from the sun. I think I’m more burned then yesterday. For some reason my back pack is heavier then yesterday. I’m so hot, when I squish my shirt; water comes out. I’m dehydrated because there were longer stretches between temples do less chances to get water.

Through all of this: I feel great. I walked from Temple 6, where I slept to Temple 11. In total, 24 km. I never got a ride but thought about asking a few times.

It started out so nice. I said good bye to my new Japanese friends. I started walking with the children but eventually surpassed them. They were in a bus but I always caught up to them. They chanted while I meditated for a few minutes. After temple 8, they disappeared.

As mentioned the walks had more open spaces with wide open rice fields and layered mountains. The scenes were breath-taking. I just looked as I walked. Thought as I walked. I read road signs aloud to get the sound of the language. I practiced the chants I learned the night before. It was nice.

Temple 10 was a pain. It was in the mountains. I sat for a long time before I climbed it. It was painful. There were blisters growing but I made it up. The next challenge was getting to Temple 11, a 9 km walk with the threat of a thunder storm. The closer I got the more I couldn’t walk. The sign would count meters and I’d groan. I got there and nearly collapsed. I hitchhiked to the Onsan (spa or jimjilbang)

Just an amazing day.

Conor said thanks.

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