The Eating Adventure: Bangkok Edition - The Fiery Khao Soi

February 25th, 2012, 7am

The best kind of noodles is deep-fried ones. The deep-fried version of most things is usually their best version. Why eat anything unfried if you could fry them? Yes, do fry those snickers bars, those grasshoppers and those fly larvae. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper.

Khao Soi has deep-fried noodles, so it computes that it is one of the best noodles around. Khao Soi is from the north, influenced by the Burmese. Khao means rice, Soi means chopped (also an alley, but not in this case), so Khao Soi translates to “chopped rice,” which is not at all what it is. Khao soi has no rice in it, just deep-fried crispy egg noodles on top of its unfried, boiled cousin submerged under spicy coconut curry. The best kinds come with plenty of condiments, like pickled spicy cabbage, red onions, chili paste in oil, lime wedges.

Break into the bowl by eating the fried noodles first, so they won’t get mushy. Also because it is the best part, of course.

The Eating Adventure is an attempt to explore our wonderful world, one dish at a time.

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