The art of Tapeo

June 4th, 2014, 12am

Two traditions illustrate the softness of the Sevillian lifestyle : la siesta, because it’s too hot in the early afternoon to do something else (some have dubbed la siesta the Spanish yoga ) and tapeo. Tapeo is going from bar to bar, to meet with friends, drink a beer, a glass of wine, and eat some tapas. In the evening, tapeo can take you far into the night, and up to the banks of the Guadalquivir. Bars, bodegas, tabernas or cervecerías are everywhere in Sevilla, like pubs are in England. We’ll meet there also at noon, between regulars. Over the years, we move slower, we certainly don’t walk far anymore. The habits are kept : the bar for lunch, every day or so, with the wife, a little before noon. Then a drink or two, before returning home, in time for la siesta.

Shu and Christine said thanks.

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