Some days your feet do the thinking and for that I am thankful

February 17th, 2014, 9am

It was 8°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

Most of the time I like to have a plan. I write lists of things I want to do, see and eat. I make plans to plan, even if the planning is to plan not doing anything. I think this trait comes from my Dad. He is an incredibly easy going soul but like most of us likes to have things to look forward to. He plans the family holidays and even before we have set off to our next destination already has a good idea of where we should go for the next few years.

Thinking about it this part of my personality might also be from the fact that I live in a country where the weather is invariably miserable. Meaning that being indoors is a common part of my life. I therefore have the time to plan and plan to plan and plan to plan to plan. However when the sun is shining on the estuary, the rain ceased and the wind abated my planning brain also flies out the window and I will often find myself taking things as they come.

Like yesterday.

My head was telling me to go home and prepare for a performance in the evening. The old creepy souls filling my heart with pangs of anxiety. Determined not to give in to the ghouls and drunk on the sun I made my way down to the seafront. Just one small walk along there and then I would head home reluctantly.

The tide was high and the thoroughfare buzzing. People were in good cheer and I began to wonder whether a dear family member would be taking a swim today. Crossing over the bridge and there she was wrapped in a towel getting changed out of her wet swimsuit in front of the crowds. I hope that when I’m 71 I have the same carefree attitude. We stood and chatted for a while, realising that it had been a fortuitous day for both of us. We had both thought of one another, both been in a quandary about making a decision what to do with ourselves and both in need of a good walk. And so that is just what we did.

Sometimes it is good to let you feet do your thinking, they’ll always take you where you are needed most.

Valentina, Anne Marie and Christine said thanks.

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