'Mai Manó Ház' - the Hungarian House of Photography

November 5th, 2013, 1pm

Mai Manó Ház was built in 1894 as a photo studio and now houses the Hungarian House of Photography [Nagymezö utca 20 / entrance: 1500 Ft]

I went to a very interesting exhibition that will last until the 5th of January 2014. It’s called “Superlative Photography - Howard Greenberg collection” and it is a selection of 138 photographs by 80 artists from the Howard Greenberg collection. You can read what Kincses Károly, the curator of the Budapest exhibition, writes about the collection and the exhibition here: Superlative Photography

It’s really worth a visit if you are interested in photography. The exhibition is accompanied by text written by art historian Pfisztner Gábor who writes in detail about some of the photographers’ biographies, styles and influences. His texts certainly helped me a lot, since I don’t know much about photography. After all, as Károly says, “this exhibition…is like a photouniversity – bringing pictures to the Mai Manó House, which are integral parts of the universal history of photography. Classics. Almost required viewing for all students – beginner, intermediate and advanced – of photography.” So for today, I was a student as well; I discovered many photographers I did not know and learnt quite a few things about some I knew. I even took some notes. A group of real students with their teacher entered the exhibition after me, notebooks in hand…

And a nice little present for me in the end…the very last photo of the exhibition was a rather classic one of a couple of Lindy Hoppers by photographer Gjon Mili. It’s the cover of one of my swing mixes: Swing Mix #34

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