When In Thailand: How to Get the Most out of Thai Fried Rice

February 25th, 2012, 7am

Thai fried rice is a great dish. You can put almost anything in it and it will be good, including tamale and various types of Thai chili paste. But, the main flavors of most Thai fried rice is salty and savory (although some chili paste fried rice can be spicy as well). So, how do you make your Thai fried rice better? Add more flavors.

Most fried rice would (and should) come with a saucer of chili fish sauce. It adds a kick of heat to an otherwise unspicy dish. Also because, a lot of times, your fried rice would come with a sunny side up, which is usually much better if you dress it with a dash of the chili fish sauce. And before you forget, go ahead and squeeze that wedge of lime all over that delicious fried rice and mix well. It is refreshing and also your best friend. Does your fried rice taste too oily after a while? Take a bite of those fresh cucumbers to reset your palette. Also, they are good for your coronaries.

When In Thailand shares things I have picked up along the way, growing up in Bangkok, Thailand.

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