The Eating Adventure: Bangkok Edition – Fish Intestines

February 25th, 2012, 11pm

Yuck, you say. But, good things can come of intestines. Remember sausages? Gallinejas, anyone? Fish intestines are probably the healthiest, and least gross, of all the intestines out there, so read on and give it a bite.

Fish intestines are spongy, and a little crunchy, too. The texture is really the best part, because the intestines by themselves don’t taste like much. But, the sponginess soaks up flavors extremely well, so sometimes you put them in stew to hold broth, other times you put them in stir fry to hold the essence of everything you’re stirring them with. Pad Gra Pau Pla, or stir-fried (pad) fish (pla) intestines (gra pau), is a mixture of crab meat, eggs, bean sprouts, and secret sauces. And fish intestines. A very mild dish, I usually eat it alone without adding neutralizing rice to it. Some people add Chinese black rice vinegar, the kind you eat with dim sum, for a kick and an intrigue.

So, utter another yuck if you have to, but give it a try. Thank me when you’re done chewing.

The Eating Adventure is an attempt to explore our wonderful world, one dish at a time.

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