A Day Of Hiking And Learning on Tap Mun

May 19th, 2014, 3pm

It was 29°C with few clouds.

Mr Leung was born on the island and went to the small primary school. With the rain coming down outside he talked about how life use to be. There were tones of fish to be caught until the larger vessels over fished. Large wooden fishing boats trolled the waters near the island until they were banned and became useless as there are not many fish to catch. Fresh abalone were caught by just reaching into the sea and costing pennies now costing thousands.

He moved away when he was 20 and came here in 2006 to live out his retirement. His wife and him owns a small restaurant. There are about 50 retired people who make Tap Mun their home. All the supplies come from nearby Sai Kung. During the week, the place is quiet and calm but on the weekends it is packed with day trippers.

“My wife and I usually swim during the week but the sea is too dirty from the rain,” Mr Leung says.

Shu, So-Shan and Christine said thanks.

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