Petra by Night

December 2nd, 2013, 10pm

This was one of the more stressful shoots I’ve been on in the last year. I had really wanted a shot of this place at night, with the candles, stars and, most importantly, no people!

Thankfully, due to some great planning and preparation, I finally got the shot I always wanted!

I’m actually really pleased at how this image turned out. After all the planning beforehand, then all the running around during that day and night, I got the photo in my camera.

Then came the post-processing. I’ve seen loads of shots of this were the colour doesn’t quite sit right and it doesn’t really remind me of being there. I spend a couple of hours in Photoshop trying to balance all the colours and contrast and get the tones matching what it really looks like under candle-light.

I think I’ve ended up with an image that Indiana Jones himself would be proud of :)

I hope you like it as well.

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Conor MacNeill

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