Birthplace of Pesto, Focaccia, Columbus... and home of Patent Red Stilettos before noon

September 13th, 2014, 5pm

Hi. Or, rather, hey“hey, pesto”!

Genoa. This place has birthed some greats. Yes. I consider the alchemy of basil and pine nut great; the right ratio of oil to flour/yeast/water/salt another example of human greatness (talking true focaccia here); setting out for the East Indies and colonizing a New World instead, also, rather great.

Red stilettos before double digits? Great for getting a customer’s attention. Those ladies sure got mine, as I was heading to one of the Top Ten Focaccerias in town. Said focacceria was shut (it opened after 1pm) but it was well worth the meandering through the alleyways to get a true taste of a port town.

And Genoa proved a place conducive to birthing our own greatness.

We were in Genoa for a color conference. An annual event, coordinated by the group who devised our study program in Milan. Some 100 color specialists converged here. From the academic, to high end eye wear creators, Polish folk art aficionados to some new color changing nail polish by Chanel. Undercover Colors would have been much more interesting (and I presume, nicer). And what’s a color conference without the obligatory exploration into metamerism. :)

It’s here we met our future mentor (from a company sharing the name of a well known fruit). More on this in coming months, as our color project develops. All thanks to Genoa, and the combination of Right Place, Right Time, Future Ideas. And pesto!

IMAGE CREDIT: Salma H. L-R: Bea, Alba, Joni & I.

Divine said thanks.

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