East River Sunset Shower (New York)

July 14th, 2011, 7pm

I found this photo in my rejected images while cleaning up my Lightroom travel photography archives. I took it during a sunset cruise along the East River on my trip to New York about 3 years earlier. The fire boat was spraying the water for the tourists’ amusement, and I was taking photographs against the sun through the water.

I remember I saw the potential in this urban landscape, but was never happy with the composition, and after a few attempts to change the framing by applying different crops in Lightroom I gave up and marked it as rejected.

When I saw this photo again 3 years later, right away I knew exactly what to do; I changed the aspect ratio from 3×2 to panoramic and the composition was dramatically improved. It was ready to be posted. I guess sometimes it takes 5 minutes to process an image, but other times, 3 years.

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Viktor Elizarov

Travel Photographer http://www.phototraces.com/

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