From the moment I came across hi..

August 31st, 2016, 3pm

I wanted to write something on this site. Yet, I had never blogged nor do I post very much even on facebook or yelp. I didn’t identify as a writer, having been a math major in college. I hardly even read books in high school!

Yet, something about this site kept calling me to post. And I finally did 2 weeks ago. I feel so accomplished, to find my voice and write it for others to read or not read. It’s a fear that I’m slowly playing with now and coming closer to sharing.

So I want to say thank you to those who created this site, and to the creators out there. We need you. To help us hear and listen to our own voices. Perhaps I don’t have the natural gift of gab or prose, yet I feel we all have our stories, and all want to share - when we come across the safe space.

Thank you for creating this safe space for me to explore your words and mine.

Today, I took a walk at Vasona Lake in Los Gatos. I meditated and enjoyed the gorgeous day. The theme of impermanence was on my mind. Of not knowing what’s next. Of trying to be with the uncertainties even if it stokes sensations of tightness in my belly and buzzy-ness in my torso. Yet, gently tilting my mind more towards the beauty of the moment, of the wind on my skin, the sun and warmth on my shoulders, and the sounds of birds and geese.

And now, writing my 2nd and last post on hi. Not knowing what’s next, meanwhile enjoying this very precious moment as I express my thoughts, myself in this beautiful space.

David Wade, William, Hedaya and Kaiton said thanks.

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