So what do I do next? Where does it all go from here?

March 2nd, 2015, 9pm

When we go out to study away from home we are so excited. So keen to be grown ups. Pretending to be grown up but failing most often than not. Soon our school and college days are over and along with that our first heartbreaks and the vision of ourselves as the centre of the universe. I remember thinking aloud in front of my mother about having to do a job like those ordinary people living in the rat race. She promptly asks me “What makes you think you are special? ” Oh well, I take the train back to office the next morning and try to dig further into what makes me special. No really - there has to be something that I can do to get out of here. Get away as fast as possible from these cities we have all set our hopes on. There’s many signs that point out the irony . *We tip toe from the windows in the office trying to open the air conditioned windows to let the monsoon breeze in. *We count days to the next holiday. *We furiously collect information on treks and nature getaways. * We bunk office and sit and do nothing on some days. *Music we listen to is imagined playing in mountains or beaches. *We desperately try to shape our mind and our rooms to escape the city we live in.

I don’t hate cities at all. I hate being bound to a place and being unable to leave it. I heard Rabbi Shergill singing at an Organic Food Festival in Chandigarh and being the great performer that he is, he got people up from the chairs that were arranged there and after all the songs were sung he said something that rang so true. He said people will now have to move from the cities to the villages or we will loose our farmers. Robots will plant our food and the only sunshine we will get will be on the drive to our office.

I read somewhere that the best time to do anything in the history of time is now. Everything is open and everyone is ready. It only takes a bit of courage and of course something that makes you special. Not in a godly way but on a human scale - are you able to see something clearly and say with confidence that you can see it more than most people can? That’s it then, take it and run with it.

David Wade, Christine and Laura said thanks.

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Samia Singh

Artist and graphic/web designer based in New Delhi - working independently allows me to travel and work at the same time - the best way to keep learning.

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